It was 2014 when the youngest Escalona, Arielle, came to join the family business, but it resulted in not one addition, but two – together with dad and CEO Dr. Alan Escalona, they created Pure Nectar. Like any youngster, she was dead set on changing the world — or you know, the company first, obviously. She brought so many plans to the table: rebranding, redesigning, going digital and getting active on social media. ­She believed innovation was the way to move forward.

Dr. Alan was with her every step of the way – but not without many discussions. Every day, when they would travel to work together, and in the office, and even in their home, the dad and daughter would always be bouncing ideas off each other, finding a way to move away from the traditional ropes of business to moving in the rhythm of strategies that would make more impact, and that would make their brand newer, and fresher (if you could get any fresher than their juice!). 

But in the end, Dr. Alan’s business minded-ness served as a sound board for Arielle’s creativity and enthusiasm, and their plans finally synergized. 

Yes, they started the fruit drink business in the first place, which has existed since 1993, and when Dr. Alan took over in ’99, he transformed the kiosk-based business into lounges.


Pure Nectar, a cold-pressed juice brand was born from an urge to keep in step with the on-the-go world today. Before Pure Nectar was Pure Nectar, though, it would be good to point out they were first and foremost, Fruit Magic. Yes, they started the fruit drink business in the first place, which has existed since 1993, and when Dr. Alan took over in ’99, he transformed the cart-based business into kiosk and lounges. So who better to innovate on this than them, right? It was time for the fruit and vegetable juicing business to get an upgrade. From the shake-and-kiosk model, it was time to advance it into a product that a regular health buff would drop by for and buy to-go. As people started becoming more health-savvy and concious of their food intake, they wanted to keep their products as fresh as possible, while conveniently bringing it with them on-the-go.


Dr. Alan Escalona, who is constantly studying the business, searched for better technologies and methods for juicing fruits and vegetables. And, in an aha moment, he found the gem of the juicing world – the cold-press machine, which would take over the traditional centrifugal juicing altogether. 

The science behind this brand-spanking-new tech is: slow and cold-pressing uses 14,000 lbs of pressure to extract all the flavor, vitamins, minerals and live enzymes from the produce. This is very different from your typical tabletop, household juicer that generates heat when fruits and vegetables pass through fast spinning blades. Alright, surely you have questions. First, if you’re worried this isn’t really as fresh as chugging your fruit that’s juiced on the spot, think about this: the fruit and vegetables, before becoming a juice with the on-site juicing method, would have been in storage for a couple of days. A cold-pressed juice would be pressed immediately after harvest, leaving no time for it to become stale in stores. Now there’s the question of is it all-natural and organic? All natural, yes. But all organic, maybe not yet. But don’t fret! This is because Pure Nectar advocates supporting local farmers and demand for organic is not that urgent enough yet for these farmers who might find the production level too costly. If pesticide and insecticide is your worry, Pure Nectar uses a method called ozonizing, which cleanses and purifies produce safely, without compromising nutrient content. 

So what they’re trying to say is, change is good if it’s for the better – this is the future of juicing.