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Pure Nectar's Lemon Water Kefir is a highly-regarded probiotic product that supports the health of your gut microbiome. It enhances gastrointestinal functions such as protection, digestion, and absorption. Our Lemon Water Kefir contains live and active probiotic cultures that are comparable to those found in yogurt but without dairy. In fact, it has three times the number of probiotic cultures usually found in yogurt.

With its powerful immune-boosting and digestion-easing properties, Kefir provides a more efficient way to enhance your immune and digestive systems. It is 99% lactose-free and gluten-free, making it an excellent source of essential nutrients to help the body recover from exposure to antibiotics, toxins, and other daily stressors.

For optimal results, we recommend taking 30mL or one (1) shot glass of our Lemon Water Kefir after each meal, 2-3 times daily. It can be consumed plain or mixed with your preferred beverage.

Experience the power of our Lemon Water Kefir and support your overall health and wellness.


Other Essential Benefits

• Alleviate intestinal disorders

• Promotes bowel movement

• Protects the prostate

• Regulates blood pressure

• Improves blood circulation

• Eliminates "bad" bacteria

• Increases energy

• Flushes pathogens

• Boosts immune system

• Promotes healing of various dermatological issues


The Lemon Water Kefir has a shelf life of 2 months from the date of manufacturing. After opening, it should be promptly refrigerated and consumed within 7 days.

The expiration or best-before date is stamped on the back of the bottle for your reference.


Nutritional Facts 

Kefir Nutritional Facts

Customer Reviews

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Bernadette Hieida

Tastes so good and gentle in tummy💕😃🥰

For excellent gut health

Lower calorie alternative to yogurt when getting your probiotics. Helps minimize bloating and improves digestion.

Javier Malli

Cold pressed product and all nutrients are retained. Excellent product for removing toxin in the Brady.

Anna S
Lemon Kefir water

Good for gut health. Tastes great!

Cat Li

This is now my fave probiotic!