Behind every household brand is a fresh idea, and this one starts out with even fresher fruit shakes.

Known as the country’s pioneer of fruit shakes and juices in a cup, Fruit Magic has been around
for over two decades when Arielle saw the opportunity to shake things up with contemporary cold-pressed juicing.
Sharing the same passion for health and well-being is her father Alan, President and CEO
of the company, who was more than willing to take the plunge.

In comes Pure Nectar, a product rooted in innovation yet with the same advocacy for a
healthy lifestyle. Our founders believe that nourishment is the secret to a
happy life, and they aim to share this secret with you through Pure Nectar.

Now with over 200 distribution outlets full of bottled cold-pressed juices (and counting),
there is no stopping this evolving brand from inspiring more on-the-go people to lead healthier, happier lives.