In light of the COVID-19 enhanced and extended measures by the government, PURE NECTAR is still committing to serve your request for CASH ON DELIVERY (COD).

Applicable for all orders from May 2, 2020 onwards.


Cash On Delivery (COD) Terms & Conditions

*Areas that are on strict quarantine measures will not be serviceable under COD terms.

In these instances, payment may still be made through other payment methods available in our website (e.g. Credit card (PayPal), GCash, BDO or BPI Online Transfer). Customers with unserviceable COD orders will be notified by a Pure Nectar Representative immediately.

Please note that Pure Nectar juices are raw, unpasteurized, have no chemical preservation and are very highly perishable. Once the products are delivered, products must be transferred to the coldest part of your refrigerator. Temperature must not be higher than 4 degrees Celsius. Storage and handling guidelines will be included in your package upon delivery.


How does it work?

1. Place orders through our website:

2. Upon checkout, you will be asked to select payment method. Choose Cash on Delivery (COD).


You will receive an email and a text message to confirm your order. Please make sure the details provided are correct. We will not deliver the products without confirmation.

Pure Nectar will be strictly implementing No-Contact Delivery for all orders.

• Delivery transactions will be fulfilled at the following areas:

1. Outside the recipient's house's main door or gate.
2. Lobby or reception area for condominium and apartment building residents.
3. At the subdivision or village entrance, should rider not be permitted to enter.

• Our riders are required to wear their mask and gloves at all times.

• During delivery, riders will be staying 1-2 meters away from the customer.

• Please prepare exact amount enclosed in an envelope.

• Our riders will not be able to provide change. Envelopes will be disinfected upon receipt.

• Recipient signature will no longer be required. Our riders will take a photo to document a successful delivery.




The only valid reason to refuse to receive and pay for a COD order is for wrong product/s or damaged products delivered (ex. orders delivered are not what was actually ordered). In this case, please inform the rider right away for immediate action.

Any other reason for refusing a COD order (including false allegations of wrong product/s delivered) will constitute a serious violation of the terms of use of our COD service.

Simple change of mind will not be honored.

We reserve the right to refuse further services to customers who violate the terms of use of any of our services.


NOTE: Cash on Delivery (COD) is available for deliveries within Metro Manila Area only. We do not deliver outside of Metro Manila during the ECQ.