Pure Nectar cold-pressed juices are all natural, raw, and unpasteurized. It contains no additives, preservatives and artificial coloring – making it highly perishable and needs extra care to naturally preserve its freshness.

  1. All items are extremely sensitive to heat and sunlight and must be transferred to the refrigerator in no more than 2 hours.
  1. Products must be enclosed in a refrigerator with the temperature not higher than 4 degrees Celsius. We highly recommend storing the juices at the top most shelf in the back portion near the vent because this is the coldest part.
  1. Once the bottle has been opened, it must be consumed immediately and can no longer be stored again. 
  1. All juices must be consumed within 3 days after receiving.
  1. Once the products have been delivered, it can no longer be returned or exchanged.
  1. Please disregard the Best Before date stamped on the side of the bottle because this is only valid if the bottles were stored in the supercooling chillers in our commissary or our stores.
  1. If the bottles are bloated and deformed in shape, we do not recommend consuming the juice anymore, and should be disposed. This indicates that the live and active enzymes of the juice have already fermented – usually implies that it was exposed to heat or in a temperature higher than the 4 degrees Celsius.

  2. You may opt to freeze the juices to prolong the shelf life for 7 days or more. If the bottles expand after frozen, it is not spoiled - the expansion of the bottle is due to the ice buildup. You may thaw out the juice 30 minutes before consumption.