How I got my Son to take his Vegetables...

We’ve all heard the story before. Your little one is cleaning up their plate of food - they easily clear all of the rice and chicken but suddenly stop. They look up at you with tears in their eyes as they get ready for a major tantrum. They knock over their plate and with it, the only food left that they left uneaten- the vegetables.


Kids Vegetables

It is no secret that children can be picky eaters. It can be hard to ensure that your child receives the right nutrients and minerals for this important stage of their development. KC Gaviola-Nuguid, Vice President of K2 Pharmacy, approached this in a very different way.

KC was first introduced to Pure Nectar Cold-Pressed Juices through an uncle of hers. She asked her uncle how he kept his youthful looks and he said to her that he was drinking fresh juice every day. She loved it so much that she’s become a regular customer of Pure Nectar for six years- since 2014. 




As a mother, KC was looking for new ways to introduce fruits and vegetables into her child’s diet. ‘I came across a French Food Blog and another French book that encourages healthy eating habits,’ said KC. There was a section of it that said it is important to let your child try different tastes and that is where she saw an opportunity. “I thought [to myself], why not Green Juice?” She gave green juice to her 10-month-old son, Dos, and was surprised to see what happened next. “He loved it!” says KC.


Alka Boost Green Juice


Commercial juices often get a bad reputation for being high in artificial sugars and empty calories. Pure Nectar, however, is made from fresh fruits and vegetables, has no additives, and is cold-pressed to extract the most nutrients and minerals possible.

Incorporating healthy green juice into your child’s diet can especially be a challenge, but definitely worth it. KC has also found another benefit that she did not expect from giving her son Green Juice, “Aside from the natural vitamins and nutrients from the juice, my child is more open to [different] tastes and is not vegetable-averse.” 

KC shares two tips for mothers out there who want to introduce juicing to their children: Begin food training and establish good eating habits as early as possible and don’t give up on your child if they don’t like it the first time. “If you introduce green juice and your baby rejects it, it doesn’t mean [they] don’t like it. Reintroduce it again the following mealtime until your baby gets used to the taste -- no need to force and make a big deal out of it,” says the mother.


KC Gaviola

Dos, now 7 years old, especially enjoys 2 Pure Nectar flavors. His favorite Green Juice is Alka-Boost - a mix of Kale, Apple, Pineapple, Cucumber, Spinach and Organic Cane. He also loves the Olympian which bright color comes from Beets, Apple, and Pineapple.

Alka Boost Olympian



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