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Having a nutrient-rich diet is particularly important during pregnancy as the right vitamins and minerals can help the fetus to develop and grow as it should. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables can help to ensure that both the mommy and baby remain healthy.

The flavors in this set were handpicked based on the fruits and vegetables recommended and are particularly good choices during pregnancy. It is still best to consult with your OB if the ingredients listed are safe for you and your baby since every pregnancy is different. Limit the number of juices in a day because fruits are naturally high in sugar.

Note: This set is not intended to be consumed as a detox/cleanse and may be enjoyed for general wellbeing.

Flavors included:

  1. Pure Orange: Orange
  2. Mango: Mango, Light Syrup
  3. Moringa Magic: Malunggay, Green Apple, Cucumber, Celery
  4. Restore & Renew: Lemon, Turmeric, Celery, Basil, Cucumber, Orange, Organic Cane
  5. Mango Yogurt: Mango, Sweetened Low-fat Yogurt
  6. Strawberry Banana Yogurt: Strawberry, Banana, Sweetened Low-fat Yogurt
  7. Body Cleanser: Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Cucumber, Carrot
  8. Apple Carrot: Apple, Carrot

Includes a FREE thermal bag!

*Discounted rate is exclusive to this set.

*Flavors in the set may not be changed or altered. You may purchase individual bottles available if there are flavors you don't prefer in this set.


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Customer Reviews

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Mary Grace Lopez
Refreshing and Delightful

All flavors are delicious

Mae de Leon
Refreshing and renewing

All juices are very refreshing, lahat masarap. Looking forward for my next purchased! Very fresh ang juices at ang cool ng packaging. Love it! Sana may promo ulit. ☺️💗

Melonnie Gonzales
yummy drinks

I love the selections on juices. all are delicious. well packed and the service is very good. will order again


Love having this as a pick me up when I feel tired / sleepy at work. It also helps combat morning sickness. It’s a bit on the sweet side so maybe not too often but will definitely repurchase this set throughout my pregnancy.

Lyrica Magno
Satisfied Customer here!

sarap sarap nakaka refresh! tuwang tuwa yun baby ko sa tummy!!