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Ingredients: 600g of Celery per 300mL bottle


• Anti-Inflammatory
• Fights Infection
• Supports Weight Loss
• Protects Liver Health 


Plain, fresh celery juice is one of the most powerful healing juices available to us. This clean, green drink is the very best way to start your day. Make this juice a part of your daily routine and soon you won’t want to go a day without it!

For decades a grassroots global healing movement has been building: drinking 16 ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach every morning. Today, millions of people around the world are participating in and experiencing the benefits for themselves.

Why? Because celery juice, when consumed in the right way, is a powerful and miraculous healing remedy and people are noticing the benefits it provides, such as clearer skin, improved digestion, less bloating, sustained energy, better mental clarity, weight loss, and stable moods, just to name a few.

- Anthony William, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic & Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

Celery Juice Tips:

  • Every morning, drink roughly sixteen ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach. Make sure it’s fresh, plain celery juice with no other ingredients. It takes roughly one large bunch of celery to make sixteen ounces of juice. Celery juice is a medicinal drink, not a caloric one, so you’ll still need breakfast afterward to power you through the morning. Simply wait at least fifteen minutes after drinking your celery juice before consuming anything else.

  • For even greater benefits or if you suffer from a chronic illness or symptom, consider drinking twenty-four to thirty-two ounces of straight celery juice per day. You can drink it all at once in the morning on an empty stomach or split it into two servings as directed below.

  • If you’re unable to consume your celery juice first thing in the morning before food, then the second-best option is to drink it fifteen to thirty minutes before or after eating something anytime during the day. If you’re having thirty-two ounces a day, you may wish to have it in two sixteen-ounce servings. You can drink the first in the morning on an empty stomach before eating and the second in the late afternoon or early evening, at least fifteen to thirty minutes before eating your next meal.

  • Some people may experience a change in their bowel movements when starting to consume celery juice. This is a normal reaction that some individuals may experience. The loose stools will pass as your body heals, and you may notice your bowel movements become more regular and healthier than ever.




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Fresh and Nutritious

Great quality, fresh and delivered promptly the next morning even after placing my order at 7pm the night before.

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Florette Mae Maneja
I love this so much

I order almost every week and I love how I feel healthy plus I get fit points.

Madeleine Gonzales
Healthy & Refreshing

I have no complaints because I know that what I am drinking is good for me!

Joel Lasam
Celery juice is ❤️

Fresh tasting! Love the nutritional value!